New York transplant Quanna is a rapper and singer born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. Being exposed to street life at an early age, Quanna found motivation to focus on academics and songwriting. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University. Since 2012, she has released several projects including "The Mayan Theory Vol. 1" and "Q." Her songs discuss a variety of concepts from relationships and feminism to street life. 

As one of the most revolutionary artists of our time, Quanna incorporates lyricism and storytelling within her songs to give listeners a variety of concepts. Her hope is to inspire generations of modern thinkers through her music. With the release of her new single "Like Me," the artist has wowed fan and is generating a substantial buzz in the Hip-Hop community. 

Also, she appeared in Karmaloop's afro-style editorial and an anti-tobacco campaign for the city of Chicago. Stream her latest full project titled, "Queenie." Then, stay tuned for show announcements and more.